Company Spirit in “The Real Machiavelli”


fb title TRM newWhen Monica Bauer asked me to read the role of Marietta in her new play “The Real Machiavelli” I was excited. She’s a marvelous playwright, and I expected it would be fun. When she told me she had also asked John Fico and Dikran Tulaine to read, I was delighted. They are marvelous actors, who I have had the pleasure of working with before.

After the reading, she did rewrites, and when I reviewed them, I kept thinking, “The director should do this, or that.” Then I realized, “I want to direct this!” I wanted to create my vision of the play.

She said yes, and we agreed on NYC, where I had already reserved 13th Street Repertory Theater for four dates in March 2016.

We got our Actors Equity showcase status, and then we cast it – keeping the three original players and adding four more excellent actors…

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